The following article is taken from the Daily Mail newspaper, September 21st 2009.

Spanish Excellence

Four years ago, when my wife and I decided to move to Spain, friends said that at our age (late 60s) we were mad to put ourselves at the mercy of the supposedly third-rate Spanish health service.

At the beginning of May this year, I suddenly developed yellow jaundice. I saw my GP at 11.30am the next day and, after an examination, she said I must go to hospital immediately. I arrived at 1pm and was quickly seen by four different doctors, had an MRI scan, X-rays and blood tests.
I was admitted to hospital the same afternoon and, within a few days, had a six-hour operation for cancer of the bile duct.
I spent six weeks in hospital and on being discharged my surgeon gave me his mobile number instructing me to phone him should I have any problems. A few weeks later I was told I was completely clear of the cancer.
I can't speak too highly of the care I received at Denia hospital. For the six weeks I was there, I had my own room with an en-suite bathroom, cleaned thoroughly each day. My bed linen and gown were also changed daily. The Spanish health service is superb.
It would be an eye-opener for UK NHS representatives to visit Denia hospital: I'm sure they would learn a lot.
Steve Noden, Moraira, Spain.

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